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We know your truck is essential; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle and work ethic. Whether you use it for off-road adventures, heavy-duty hauling, or everyday tasks, a reliable truck topper or cap can make a world of difference. Blue Ribbon Auto is the place to go for top-quality truck toppers and caps.  And, most fiberglass toppers are backed with a lifetime warranty on structure and paint.


Find The Perfect Solution For Your Truck

Don’t compromise on the protection and versatility of your vehicle. Find the ideal truck topper for your truck whether you drive a Chevy, Toyota, Ford, or any other top brand we’ve got you covered. Blue Ribbon carries industry leading ARE, ATC, LEER, RSI, Smartcap, & Snugtop Toppers that can be custom fit and painted to match your vehicle. These brands offer the best warranties in the business, and we know they stand up to Montana’s harsh weather. Visit us today to take your truck to the next level.

Truck Bed Caps

Find the perfect truck cap for your truck. Whether you need additional height for transporting tall items or extra features like roof racks, we offer customization options to ensure your truck cap works great for your lifestyle.

Commercial Truck Caps

If you’re looking to customize your work truck we have hundreds of work-specific options for you. Commercial truck caps can handle any tough job that you throw at them and can be modified to meet almost any need imaginable.

Tonneau Covers

Get the protection you need for your truck bed. These durable truck box caps are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, making them a reliable choice for work trucks that endure heavy use. Want a dry and secure place for your gear, but don’t want a cap? Then a tonneau cover is for you. You’ll enjoy the streamlined look and benefit from cargo protection, security, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced wind noise.

Start Customizing Your Topper


Why Choose Us?

Expert Installation

Our skilled technicians ensure a perfect fit and finish. Proper installation is key to maximizing the benefits of your truck topper or cap. Our team's expertise guarantees a seamless and secure fit, ensuring your investment delivers on all its promises.

Quality Materials

We use top-grade materials to ensure longevity and durability. Our truck toppers and caps are built to withstand the rigors of daily use and exposure to the elements. You can trust that your investment will last for the long haul.

Competitive Pricing

Get the best value without breaking your budget. We understand that adding a truck topper or cap is an investment, and we strive to offer competitive pricing, making it accessible to a wide range of truck owners.

Customer Satisfaction

We're proud of our track record of satisfied customers. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond the purchase. We provide excellent customer service and support, ensuring you have a positive experience throughout the process.

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