Does Blue Ribbon Auto help with insurance paperwork on my vehicle?

We know firsthand how stressful being in a car accident is, and how overwhelming the insurance piece of the process can be. That’s why we not only assist with post-collision insurance paperwork, we also help with rental car paperwork.

Does Blue Ribbon Auto have shuttles to my work?

We sure do. It’s just one more way we do all that we can to make your auto body experience as streamlined and positive as we can.

Will you use re-manufactured or after-market parts on my repair?

Insurance companies have the right to oversee the repair costs on an insured vehicle. At times, insurance companies will mandate the implementation of used, re-manufactured or after-market parts. This can be an effective way to keep auto repair costs down. At Blue Ribbon Auto, we will always go over the estimate with you and let you know what type of parts are being used in your repairs.

Will I have a say in which auto body shop I use?

Insurance companies may try to choose which auto body repair shop you take your vehicle to. Click here for information on your rights to choose the shop of your choice.

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