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Give Your Seat A Facelift

As you buckle up and prepare to hit the road, remember this: Your vehicle’s interior is your personal haven on wheels. It’s where you find solace in traffic, create memories on long road trips, and occasionally close a business deal (hands-free of course) at a red light.

Our mission is to ensure that every moment spent inside your car is a luxurious experience, whether you’re cruising down the highway or stuck in the daily gridlock.

The Sky Is The Limit

New Upholstery Is Not Just For Your Vehicle

You’d be surprised at what you can get reupholstered at Blue Ribbon. We work on antique furniture, bar stools, couches, chairs, booth seating for restaurants, office chairs, convertible tops, heavy equipment, tractor seats, ATV seats, motorcycle seats, boat top covers, complete marine interior, Tonneau covers, and truck seats. 

Basically, if it’s upholstered, whether it’s automotive or not, we have you covered. 

And, as you’d suspect, we also tackle complete interior restorations, install auto floor cover carpet kits, repair vinyl seats, rebuild seats with new springs and foam, install seat heaters, and affordably upgrade your cloth seats using Katzkin & Roadwire leather kits.

Missoula Upholstery

We Have You Covered

Ready to re-imagine your vehicle’s interior, furniture, or boat? The options are endless with Blue Ribbon Auto’s upholstery services.

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