Give your seat a facelift with new upholstery

Have you ever looked at your sad seat covers and thought, “Maybe it’s time my seats got a makeover”? Some of us spend more time in our cars than we do on our couches, so shouldn’t your upholstery look and feel at least as nice as your furniture? If you think the answer to that question is yes, then you owe it to yourself to check out our upholstery shop.

New upholstery is not just for your vehicle

There are many applications of new upholstery that you may have never considered getting from an automotive shop. We can re-upholster antique furniture, bar stools, couches, chairs, booth seating, office chairs, convertible tops, heavy equipment, tractor seats, ATV seats, motorcycle seats, boat top covers, complete marine interior, Tonno covers, and truck seats. We can also re-do complete interiors of cars/trucks, install auto floor covers carpet kits, rebuild seats with new springs and foam, as well as vinyl tops, seat heaters, Katzkin leather kits, Roadwire leather kits, and hot rods. The sky is the limit.